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Images #Mens Issue

Images #Mens Issue

Sometimes it’s important just to sit back, take a look from the outside and check where the growth is in our industry, so that we can all make the right decisions for the future of our businesses. If you look at the last 4 to 5 years, the real growth has come from Men’s Grooming. The proliferation of new Barber Shops has simply been phenomenal! On Te Atatu Peninsula alone they have gone from having one tired old Barber Shop to 4 new ones! 

So this issue we focus on Men, with the latest Men’s looks and what’s available in the way of hair and skincare products for them. Men’s grooming products are all the go and every salon should have a dedicated Men’s section! We chat to Lee Tupara, Aotearoa’s Top Barber and guess what, she’s a woman!