Amy Gaudie: Epochal Collection

Amy Gaudie: UK born Amy Gaudie is known as much for her professionalism, positivity and calmness under pressure as she is for her extraordinary artistic skill.

Arriving in Australia in 2005, full of ambition and drive, Amy set about bringing her vision of world-class service, ambience and quality work to life and hasn’t looked back. 

An outstanding cutter, colourist and stylist, Amy is a Wella eimi Guest Educator, Wella Pro Creative Artist and veteran of several International Fashion Weeks.

She is a multi-award-winning Stylist and Business Owner with a proven track record who can be relied upon to deliver outstanding quality, every time.

Amy is passionate about hair artistry, her clients and developing her team and prides herself on her attention to detail.

Individually selected for her impressive skillset, ability to work in and lead a team and her speed under pressure, Amy is a veteran of several Fashion Week hair teams, both internationally and at home.

She was personally requested by hair industry icon, Renya Xydis to be team leader for the NYFW exclusive Zimmerman show and has also led team in Paris and directed Fashion Events around Australia.

Amy Gaudie has won a string of awards including 2019 Wella Trend Vision Silver Award, Australian Hair Industry Awards Best Salon Marketing twice, Digital Business Innovation and Quest Business Hall of Fame and placed as Finalist seven times in the WELLA Trend Vision Awards.

Working alongside some of the industry’s leading talent, Amy remains at the forefront of the latest trends and techniques, ensuring her clients receive the very best results possible.

Epochal: an extremely important and influential moment in time.

The inspiration for EPOCHAL was derived from a desire to interpret traditional shapes and transform them into hair art, creating an influential moment in hair.

Creating layer upon layer of texture, dimension and form, EPOCHAL manipulates structures to demonstrate the hair’s ability to manifest itself into new embodiments.

To continue the line and formation vision, my styling and makeup choices were simple, strong and defined in their shape and tones to complement the unique reverie.

“Entertaining a slightly futuristic vibe, I had a desire to work with different fibres and textures, which embraced my own interpretations of techniques, styles and concepts.

The subtle shading between light and dark exaggerates the strength of the forms within the hair, giving both dimension and structure to each look.

The combined looks are strong with a hint of softness, creating a depth and romances that marries everything together.” Amy Gaudie

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