Angelo Seminara new collection: Intimate

Angelo Seminara new collection- Intimate

Angelo Seminara new collection: Intimate – Inspired by the solitude and inner self-reflection of the past year, Angelo Seminara, Goldwell Global Ambassador, visualized the essence of the modern woman, reflecting the quiet confidence that is only achieved from innate self-knowledge and the acceptance of one’s self.

With this in mind, Seminara created the Intimate collection, a series of mirror-image looks that highlight women feeling completely at ease with themselves, wearing their hair beautifully and confidently.

Each look was created with Goldwell’s LightDimensions, a fully customizable lightening portfolio designed for unlimited creativity with powerful lifting performance. Experience the art and science of lightening with unsurpassed technologies: smoother, stronger, brighter & better.

“Although this past year allowed me to physically slow down and take a step back, it also allowed my inner creativity to flourish – and Goldwell LightDimensions met my imagination every step of the way,” said Seminara. 

“The new, advanced formulas are infused with unsurpassed technologies that helped me deliver stunning, even results in every look within the Intimate collection.”

With a variety of texture, colors and lengths, Seminara’s latest collection features touchable hair that women can recognize honestly and intimately, reflecting their true, innermost selves. The ready-to-wear colors, that are also easily read by the eye, were created with Goldwell, from brunette with copper tones, to ultra-light blonde with silvery lights. 


Hair: Angelo Seminara
Hair Colour: Angelo Seminara and Takashi Kurokawa  
Photography: John-Paul Pietrus
Stylist: Niccolo Torelli 
Make-Up: Daniel Kolaric 
Manicurist: Cherrie Snow