ANNA BELL – NZ Gold Color Vision Winner Wella TrendVision Awards

Talk us through Wella TrendVision, what is it and what does the award mean to you?  
The Wella TrendVision awards give hairdressers from across the Wella family the opportunity to create their own interpretation of the latest colour and styling trends. I’ve always felt that the awards are about pushing past my creative boundaries and taking my concepts to the next level, which is why I love taking part.

The Wella TrendVision awards offer an international platform, which means that I not only get to represent myself, but also my TONI&GUY team and the wider industry across New Zealand. To be on the same stage as other incredible, award winning hair dressers from across the country is such an achievement for me and I’m so proud.

Is this your first Wella TrendVision and how did it feel when you heard your name called out?

This is the second time I’ve entered the awards. Last year I was in the Top 10 for the creative category and to be a finalist again was really exciting, as I’d had such a good time taking part in the awards with the other finalists last year.

Hearing my name announced at the final was an unbelievable moment for me! It was so emotional. It means a lot to represent a team who have really supported me with the concept behind the scenes. It really does feel like a win for the whole team at TONI&GUY – I called everyone straight away to tell them. Thinking about the moment I won still makes me want to cry!

Your entry looked fabulous, is there anything specific that you think the judges took to or anything that you’re particularly proud of? Did it all go to plan?
I left my photoshoot very last minute, which I wouldn’t recommend to anyone who wants to enter next year! About a week before the closing date, I walked past an Op Shop and found a dress for $40 that yelled out to me, ‘you need to pick me for Wella TrendVision’. I actually took my inspiration from that dress to create a beautiful, ethereal look.

One of my passions is creating avantgarde, editorial makeup looks for my Instagram page @annabellstyle. I do a lot of the photography for this in my bedroom, so I decided to give the award entry a go myself. I think the judges were impressed by this, everything from hair and makeup, to styling, photography (on an iPhone 8) lighting (using a ring light) and even location (the salon!) was pulled together.

I have to say it was the craziest shoot I have ever done, we even had some of the team on the floor with blow dryers to create that Marilyn effect! After being notified by the Wella team that I’d gone through to the Top 10 a few weeks later, it made me realise that you can definitely achieve anything you put your mind to.

How do you think winning the award will impact your career?
My clients have been so proud of me, some of them even cried which is so heart-warming! It’s great to feel ‘confirmation’ that I am good at what I do. I hope that the extra exposure will help me to increase my clientele, but also give me the confidence to keep putting my ideas out there. Having my name up on the window at TONI&GUY has always been my goal, and now that it’s coming true, I can’t wait to show it off.

How do you find working with Wella Professionals colour products, do you have any heroes or favourites?
I absolutely love working with Wella Professionals colour products. I have a varied clientele and I find Wella has a product range for everything. I’m currently loving Color Fresh CREATE, it has a range of fun, intermixable colours to work with and is perfect for the summer season ahead, especially festivals! I’ve recently used the magenta colour on my own hair, it’s so bright and pigmented.

Are you looking forward to competing at the International Wella TrendVision Awards in Lisbon, Portugal?
Absolutely! I haven’t come this far in the competition before, so I’m not 100% sure what to expect… but I am so excited to be representing New Zealand. I’ve never been to Europe, either! So it is exciting on a personal level too.

What are you hoping to learn from your Wella TrendVision experience in Portugal?
I’ll be doing some workshops there, so I’m keen to see what comes out of those. It will be great to interact with finalists from around the world too. I’m so excited to meet them all and see what tips and tricks I can pick up to bring back to my team here in New Zealand.

Will you have time to take in any of the famous tourist destinations while you are there?  
I will be flying to straight to Singapore to meet my boyfriend afterwards, then going off to Korea and back to Japan which is where I’m from originally. I won’t really have much time to explore Portugal but November will definitely be an amazing month of travel for me. I’m hoping to fit some shopping in – Gucci is my favourite.

Describe to us your ‘ultimate’ colour client – what is your favourite service in the salon?
I have Asian black hair myself and I love changing it up. I think it’s important to inspire my clients and suggest things a little outside of the box and to take them out of their comfort zones. I get a lot of requests for BIG colour changes such as dark to light, especially from my Asian clients. That’s why Wellaplex is one of my hero salon products, as it ensures my clients can get the looks they want without compromising the condition of their hair. I wouldn’t do a big colour change without it. I really enjoy these transformations and it is so satisfying to see great results! My motto is to push the boundaries with the looks I create.

Do you have any special colouring tips or current trends that you’re loving and can share with us?
I love the bright acid tones I’ve been seeing in British Vogue and across social media recently. Not just in hair but in clothing, too. I’m always trying to get my clients to wear some colour in their hair, even if it’s just adding some subtle peeks underneath, it can really give a new lease of life to a client’s look.


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