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We catch up with Annaliese Miles from Blaze in Newmarket, recently crowned Editorial Stylist of the Year, New Zealand’s Top Award for Creative Hairdressing at the at the Industry Awards 2022 where excellence in Hair Beauty & Barbering is recognised and rewarded!

First of all, congratulations in winning the biggest Award in NZ Hairdressing, how does it feel to achieve this pinnacle in your career?

Thank you, honestly it all feels super surreal! I entered Industry Awards this year as a goal for myself to create an image I loved and was proud of. When I saw I had become a finalist amongst so many other beautiful images I was overwhelmed with excitement, so to be presented this award was a true surprise and I really am so grateful and proud of myself for achieving my goals.

Lets start at the begining, how and when did you begin your journey in Hairdressing?

I first started hairdressing in a small salon in Kaukapakapa where I grew up when I was 13, sweeping the floors, washing colour bowls and washing hair and stuck with it til I was 16! In the salon, I got to know the clients and just loved it. This lead to me choosing a very different career path to what I saw myself doing throughout my high school years, as I just loved making people feel good about themselves. I started my proper training in at Servilles academy in 2018, and began my apprenticeship with Hype Hair Spa at the end of that year, then joining the fantastic Blaze team in 2021

Where did you get the inspiration for your winning creative entry?

I got my inspiration from a few of the AHIA and BHA entries overseas, and follow a few amazing accounts on Instagram which lead to me seeing a beautiful image by Wildlife Hair Sydney and it all stemmed from there! The spacey vibe has always been a thing for me, and growing up around abstract fashion icons such as Lady Gaga and Sia were great inspiration for me

What other stylists do you admire, who are your heroes?

I am so so lucky to be surrounded by some amazing talent in with the Blaze team, and they honestly inspire me daily with new skills and so many different views on hairdressing, I do have to say I really admire both of my bosses, Kelly and Mana with their work ethic, how they have built their business and their outlook on the salon environment. Angelo Seminara and Robert Lobetta have always been two my all time favourites with their moody creativity and abstract looks!

How do you retain your passion/fire for hairdressing, do you ever get bored with what you do? 

I really feel that you have to surround yourself with those that are passionate with what they do, never stop learning or trying new things and you’ll never be bored! My family have always told me to try be the best at what I do, and with the ever evolving trends in the industry, I don’t ever think I’ll get sick of what I do as there’s always something new around the corner!

Describe your goal in life and your vision of the future?

My goals are ever changing! As I grow and develop myself in this career, I never really too sure at where I’ll end up – but with the desire to be the best of what I do I always have the goal to be 1% better every day. I hopefully see myself putting my work out there for competitions NZ and one day overseas to further explore this side of hairdressing.

Everyone has their favourite hair products, which do you like to use?

The list is endless!! I feel like I’m always on the hunt with different combinations of product… My current obsession is with the Redken ABC range. It leaves the hair so so shiny and feeling so good from the first use!  I also love to work with pureology texture spray, redken rough paste, evo mister fantastic, or Angel silky oil! 

What’s it like being part of the Blaze team?

The team at Blaze is like no other, a variety of personalities, styles and interests always make for a fun and creative work environment. Being in a space where you can ask questions, get opinions and everyone helps each other is just so lovely, I really enjoy working for Blaze with the team! 

Do you have a favourite type of client and how would you describe them?

I feel like there’s a variety of clients who come into Blaze! Relationships with my clients are so important to me, educating them, answering their questions, and learning about them and what they also love.  I love clients who enjoy change and aren’t afraid to go for something a bit different, and enjoy the salon experience while being able to have a laugh… and put up with my yabbering while they’re here 

What do you do to relax & unwind?

I find myself to be quite and active relaxer, and love to take the time to get out during my days off, walking with friends or going to the gym and listening to a good podcast really helps me unwind and chill out! 



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