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Davroe Curlicurl a

Become Davroe CURLiCUE ‘Curly Girl Approved’. Looking to add a point of difference to your salon? Become a Curly Girl Specialist with Davroe’s CURLiCUE.

Davroe have carefully Formulated their CURLiCUE Range to embody Effortless, Manageable curls. A Selection of Luxurious products, including a shampoo, conditioner, treatments, and styling.

“The main issues we observed for our curly haired customers were dehydration, tangles, frizz, and lack of defined curl pattern,” says Mary Centofanti, Director of Dresslier & Co Australia.

“Curly hair needs more love than other types, and the best way to manage that is to use Nourishing products that work hard to care for your hair. With Hydration in mind, we have removed drying alcohols as well as Silicones to not only reduce drying out of the hair, but allow for better Moisture uptake, boosting overall Hydration.”

What is the Curly Girl Method?

The Curly Girl Method (CGM) is comprised of a set of rules which people follow to enhance their natural wave. Curl, or coil pattern, and reduce frizz, damage, breakage and dryness. In simple terms, the CGM centres around avoiding ingredients that can negatively affect curls. By adding ingredients that can hydrate, condition, repair and enhance.

The three most Incremental factors that make a product Curly Girl Friendly is the Exclusion of Silicons, Sulphates and drying alcohols.


With Davroe, careful consideration for people and planet drives the internal and external properties of each and every product. Hitting humidity, reducing mechanical damage (from brushing and combing) and stimulating slip. All while promising petrochemical-free ingredients and absolutely no harm to our furry friends.

Fortified with rich botanical oils and extracts, CURLiCUE leaves curls soft, hydrated, defined and voluminous. Creamy avocado oil provides intense hydration that nourishes the hair shaft from the inside out. Smoothing coarse texture and strengthening the hair.

Nutrient-rich kakadu plum extract protects the hair against damage whilst moisturising to leave dull, coarse hair silky and glossy. Revitalising lotus flower extract improves overall hair health by hydrating and repairing to add strength, shine and body, while restoring the hair’s natural lustre.

This unique blend of hard-working ingredients defines a range that leaves kinky, coily, or curly hair feeling and looking its best. 

The range consists of CURLiCUE Cleansing Clay (detoxifying shampoo), Deep Conditioning Rinse, Hydrating Hair Oil, Curl Balm, Curl Activator and a Rapid Dry Hair Wrap (soft absorbent hair towel that minimises frizz and reduces drying time by 50%).

Become Davroe CURLiCUE ‘Curly Girl Approved’ 

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