Foil Me: Full of PRIDE with New Rainbow Collection!

Foil Me New Rainbow Collection: Ever the innovators, instigators and disruptors, Foil Me is launching their latest foil collection to coincide with Pride Month in June.

On May 18th, Australia’s premier pre-cut foil company launched The Pride Collection – aiming to brighten Foil Me lovers’ studios and salons and to put a smile on guest’s and colourist’s faces around the world! 

Retro and rambunctious, The Pride Collection features a print of two rainbows kissing on a white background, paying homage to the pride flag for the LQBTQI community, and celebrating love, equality, difference and peace.

Symbolically this is what the colours mean for the LGBTQI community:

  • RED – Life
  • ORANGE – Healing
  • YELLOW – Sunlight; be yourself instead of hiding in the shadows.
  • GREEN – Nature
  • BLUE – Serenity
  • PURPLE – Spirit

Foil Me Pride -Extra Wide

“The Pride Collection foil was initially designed in 2019 with the LGBTQI community in mind, paying homage to the colours of the pride flag by using rainbows, but going a few steps further by placing two rainbows ‘kissing’ or touching – representing love and acceptance – no matter what the race, colour, gender, national origin, age, religion, faith, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression a person identifies with.” Co-Founder and Creative Director Emily Ciardiello.

“The rainbows are also set on a white background which represents peace so ideally, we wanted the foil as a whole to be a celebration of love, equality and difference and the freedom to express oneself.

However, given what the world is currently experiencing with the COVD-19 pandemic, the symbolism has changed and become more evolved  now, more than it ever could, this foil will strongly resonate with many of our Foil Me lovers personally.” 

“Foil Me wants to not only bring joy to their Foil Me lovers hearts, but optimism and unity too  after all, rainbows are formed while it is raining, yet the sun is still shining,” says Emily.

Pride Rainbow Foil me

Coinciding with the launch of The Pride Collection and in true Foil Me fashion, the company wanted to assist the LGBTQI community even further by donating $1.00 AUD from every rainbow foil packet sold for/during Pride Month (June) to a charity that assists the LGBTQI community worldwide, ILGA World.

This is a global organisation developed 42 years ago with 1600 members in over 15 countries. Created to assist those in the LGBTQI community, ILGA World facilitates smaller associations to seek legal advice, fight for human rights and decriminalise laws that exist in countries and regions where basic human rights to live freely are criminalised.

It was Foil Me’s UK Brand Ambassador, Craig Purves, who helped the brand find and align with ILGA World, and Craig has been vocal in championing The Pride Collection; using YouTube and IGTV to explain what the foils are and why they are an important addition to Foil Me at this moment in time. 

“I was incredibly chuffed when Foil Me asked me to be involved with promoting The Pride Collection. I love the unique design because of what the Pride rainbow stands for  equality and diversity and it offers a point of difference. No one else has this design  it is unique to Foil Me and always will be,” says Craig.

“I have no doubt these are going to create conversation and interest in the salon which is always a good thing. The foils feature the brand’s signature embossing which is so fantastic for grip and the fact they are donating $1 from each box sold, for and during Pride Month, to a wonderful charity that is close to my heart because they champion diversity and human rights  the ILGA World organisation, is a win/win for me!”

“I’m all about celebrating love, equality and difference, that is why I love Foil Me so much  they don’t just make foils and brushes, they care about the world and try to help others too.”

The fabulous PRIDE collection is available in the following sizes:

  • Original  (12.5cm x 27cm) 
  • Wide  (15cm x 27cm) 
  • Extra Wide (20cm x 40cm) 


Foil Me is available to salons through Combined Salon Supplies

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