Inventor of Olaplex launches new hair brand epres!

Dr Eric Pressly (2)

epres is about to be the next big thing in hair! Dr Eric Pressly the scientist and founder who actually invented Olaplex, is back with new bond-building technology incorporated into his latest product invention.

Here is what Dr Pressly had to say about why he developed his new brand when the current market is now almost over saturated with an array of different bond-building hair treatments from a lot of different brands. 

“The level of performance was just not there, I wanted to weed out the in-effective products and come up with something new.” Says Pressly.

Dr Pressly essentially created the bond-building hair repair technology. So, if anyone going to change the hair repair game, it’s probably going to be him!

So what is epres?

epres is a single, one-step bond building treatment that works on all hair types. It contains only FOUR 100% vegan, biodegradable ingredients. It aims to repair hair that is damaged from colour or thermal heat and makesbond-building hair treatments simple, effective, quick and easy!

There are two products in the range that use the same common technology.  The professional in-salon formulation, which is combined with a chemical treatment to reduce damage to the hair. And a homecare epres Bond Repair Treatment Kit. The kit comes with a spray bottle and two vials of concentrate.

epres is one of the first acid-free hair solutions on the market. So it will not alter the pH of your hair or cause damage to your hair, instead of repairing it. It’s also completely waterless, which according to epres makes it more sustainable.

So how do you use it?

The kit contains two super high concentration vials. You take one of these vials, pour the whole thing into the spray bottle and add water.  Each vial should last the consumer,  around two months after which you just purchase refills and re-use the spray bottle.

After adding water, simply shake, and then spray it all over dry hair until it’s saturated. Wait for approx 10 minutes, although you can leave it in longer/overnight if you really want to ramp up results and then wash your hair as normal, with shampoo and conditioner. Use the treatment once a week for best results.

Expect to see softer, shinier and less frizz. Hair will look better, healthier and stronger.

epres Kit

Before and after using epres Bond Builder Treatment Starter Kit.

Before & after using epres

About Eric Pressly: He was just 30 when he helped create the world’s most famous hair-bonding product, Olaplex. He was interested in starting a pharmaceutical company after finishing his PhD when he was approached by the founders of Olaplex, Dean and Darcy Christal to create a new hair care product.

Working tirelessly in his surfboard-littered garage in Santa Barbara, California,  Dr Pressly developed a bond-building formula that would change the future of haircare. Today the products, are used in almost every leading hair salon in the world. Dr Pressly, himself, has more than 100 patents in bond-repair technology.

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