Joey Scandizzo & Andrew O’toole’s intimate Eleven Showcase

On the 25th June we were treated to a superb display of hairdressing creativity right here in Auckland at White Studios. A special Eleven Australia Showcase featured newly crowned Australian Hair Expo Hairdresser of the Year, Joey Scandizzo and arguably the best hair photographer in the world Andrew O’Toole.

These two amazingly gifted people are the Creative Directors for Eleven Australia, one of the most exciting haircare brands around today! Firstly after a brief introduction from Crew Distributors Directors Russ and Pip Baunton, Joey and Andrew walked us through Eleven’s latest campaign, ‘Denim’ and reproduced live key looks from the campaign as well as demonstrating some of their wonderful new innovative products.

Joey showed what a great hair stylist he is when he faithfully recreated his winning Hair Expo collection in front of an inspired audience, some of whom had travelled the length of the country to be there! Attendees were able to gain valuable insight into how to putt together a successful hair collection.

Images were very lucky enough to be able to sit down with both Andrew and Joey and enjoy an informal chat about the brand and find out a little bit more about what makes these two extremely creative guys tick! I was interested to find out, how and why they decided to start up ELEVEN.

Joey Scandizzo explained that Andrew and himself had became increasingly frustrated with the quality of products available when they were working together on Photoshoots and Shows. “They just weren’t up to it and at lot of the time just didn’t do what they were supposed to do!” Said Joey. So they decided to start up their own product line based on what they felt hair stylists needed.

Products are formulated and produced in Australia, with the ELEVEN brand having a very distinctive beachy vibe! Success came straight away with the fabulous ‘Miracle Hair Treatment’. It has become the one product that everybody must have!

All new products are trialled through Joey’s seven salons; Joey Scandizzo, Kings Domain Barbershops and Hair.Do at Myers. All their stylists get to try all new samples and all feedback is taken on board before any new products are released.

I asked Joey and Andrew about their winning Hair Expo Collection and they explained that they had felt, that they needed to get out of the studio and experiment with a fresh approach. So they discovered an old 19th Century Victorian Mansion ‘Labassa’ and decided to create a epic collection in keeping with the era, lots of lace, beautiful timeless elegance. They bought in many of the props and just let it develop from there.

I turned my attention to Andrew and asked him how he got started in photography. I was somewhat taken back by his answer, when he told me that it all came about purely by accident, when he was at Uni, he had decided to take a holiday up in Tibet and Asia and bought a cheap camera to record the trip.

On his return he happened to show the photos to a friend who was impressed and introduced Andrew to a professional photographer who then offered him some part time work… And the rest they say is history!

I couldn’t resist asking Andrew for a tip and he replied that he never uses a try pod. He finds it too restricting. He feels that he finds better angles by holding his camera manually!

These days Andrew is in hot demand having established himself as THE go-to photographer for hair collections, having worked for many famous stylists, including Angelo Seminara. Last year he spent six months overseas on assignments.

I finished up by asking them both where do they like go to relax and unwind and Andrew was off to Japan for a couple of weeks and Joey said he was taking his family to Hawaii for a well deserved holiday.

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