Kerrie DiMattia: Discarded Collection

Kerrie DiMattia: Discarded Collection. With over 39 years experience within the industry as a stylist, salon owner & educator, Kerrie’s creative & innovative mind, and incredible work ethic has enabled her to carve a long and successful career path in the hair industry and community.

She has been active in photo shoot campaigns and working backstage at major events such as Sydney Fashion Week and Hair Expo.

Originally from Sydney, Kerrie moved to the beautifully laid back town of Grafton NSW in 1995 to be close to family.

After 9 years of freelancing as a stylist & raising her 2 daughters with her husband Rob, in 2004 Kerrie opened her salon DiMattia & Co.


Discarded Collection Discard: to get rid of or dismiss something as no longer useful or desirable! 

There are times in life that we forget that something we now view as old, run-down or obsolete was once in its prime; a thing of beauty, iconic & something to be admired & cherished!

“I wanted to shoot in this old brewery in my hometown, not only because of the beauty & atmosphere that still exists there now despite its age, but also to remind myself of how alive with atmosphere it was in its day, & that life is a collection of beautiful moments in time!” Kerrie DiMattia.

The Discarded imagery has an editorial vibe, while the styling has just a hint of nostalgia, the focus is on classically beautiful hair that is uncomplicated, simplistic & authentic.

The use of the morning light streaming through grimy windows eludes to one final dusk til dawn celebration, reminiscent of the glory of the venue’s history.

Whether we are talking about structures, possessions or people, the fact remains, we have a habit of casting aside or dismissing those that we perceive as ‘past their prime’ when in fact what we should be doing is celebrating what was, and soaking up the culture, history & richness from the experience of days gone by.

Kerrie is enthusiastic about sharing her craft and years of knowledge and has over the years worked both nationally & internationally as a Guest Artist and member of the Joico Australasian Design team and TIGI Creative team.

In 2019 she joined Matrix Education, as a member of the MATRIX Design Team and most recently launched her career as a Salon Culture & Customer Experience coach.

Kerrie DiMattia continues to work on the salon floor 3 days a week as creative director for DiMattia & Co driven by genuine passion for her craft, her clients & the love of leading her team to be the best they can be!

DiMattia & Co

The atmosphere at DiMattia & Co is beautifully private due to its secluded location on the top floor at 57 Prince Street Grafton, with a relaxed & organic welcoming vibe from the team of 10 incredible Stylists & Barbers.

“Our salon culture is one of warmth, love and genuine hospitality, which is perfectly reflected in our décor, our image and our extremely loyal and family and a creative playground for Grafton’s most passionate hair artists & the guests who are drawn to us!

We take pride in our guest experience & our team is committed to providing a salon designed to offer you the ultimate luxury, yet chilled experience.

As a rural salon we constantly strive to keep our education fresh, on-trend & exciting for our guests of all ages who just appreciate great hair.

We believe in the power of a great consultation & encourage our guests to allow us to pair them with team members who we feel are best suited to their needs, working holistically with our whole team to make the experience the best it can be!

Our focus is on our salon guests; when you visit you will be welcomed into the care of a team member that has been reserved especially for you & offered something fresh & new, every time.

The most rewarding part of what we do is hearing the words…“Thanks….I love it!” Kerrie DiMattia.

‘Beautiful hair needn’t be complicated or high maintenance and it’s health is our highest priority’

DiMattia & Co
Upstairs, 57 Prince Street
Grafton, NSW 2460
@kerriedimattia @dimattiaandco

Discarded Credits:
Hair: Kerrie DiMattia
Photography: Pixie Bella Photography
Makeup: Sharon Fallon & Candice Chevalley
Styling: Katie Sutton

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