Kerrie Jordan – Editorial Stylist of the Year 2023!

Kerrie Jordan – KN Colab

We talk to Kerrie Jordan from KN Colab Editorial Stylist of the Year at the Prestigious Industry Awards

Kerrie Jordan – KN Colab 3

Congratulations on becoming NZ’s Top Stylist, what does winning this award mean for you?

It’s been a tough few years dealing with a health diagnosis, I’ve been reflecting on my purpose and winning this award has given me the reassurance that this is exactly what I should be doing !  Winning in the honour of Derek Elvy was a huge dream of mine as I’ve admired and been inspired by his amazing ability to sculpt hair into an art form. 

The win was totally unexpected, I was just so honoured to be a finalist alongside the amazing images and big names that have been in the industry as long as I have. My daughter was my model so sharing this award with her is extra special and to have my team there, especially our apprentices, as this was their first experience to celebrate our industry (it was the best team building ever !) To be acknowledged by my peers was an overwhelming moment I will always be grateful for and a reminder that anythings possible  

Can you share with us your inspiration and preparation for your winning entry?

I have a mood board obsession and usually spend weeks researching inspiration and practicing but this time it was different. I went into it on the day without overthinking it, just visualizing my colour palette, features of neon lime and black on a platinum base. The blending of movement, form and texture to create a shape with long hair that could resemble the shape of a mullet cut.  

I just wanted it to be a fun experience with my daughter and let my creative energy flow as life was feeling a bit serious. Sometimes we get too into our head when we are planning and lose sight of the vision. For me creating this image came from a place without force, a totally different process for me and I loved every minute of it  

How did you get started in hairdressing and where did you do your training?

I was born to be a hairdresser. Starting my career at a young age cutting my dolls hair. After dropping out of school at 16 with no formal qualification luckily  I had a personality that got me an apprenticeship with a protege of Lyndsay Loveridge the godmother of hairdressers in New Plymouth who trained Patrick Cameron, Deanna Parker Attwood and many successful hairdressers. 

I’ve been in the industry for 36 years and training in the 80s and 90s was a very inspiring time learning amazing skills of hairdressing, big hair styling and precision cutting. A surprise pregnancy in my final year almost caused me to give up but thanks to Jenny Roberts taking me on and believing in my future I gave birth and Qualified a few weeks later. Working with Janine at Be Ba Bo gave me the opportunity to find my love of competition work which lead me to winning many competitions and Judging

Is there any particular style of hairdressing that you prefer?

I love cutting !!! hair is like sculpture and transforming a shape to compliment a face shape gives me so much satisfaction. I’m vibing on all the variations of the mullet to shag and butterfly cut  

If you were to think of just 3 words to describe yourself what would they be?

‘Focused’ – ‘matchy matchy’ – ‘resilient’

Tell us a little about yourself and your salon KN Colab?

I started my first business Izuka 24 years ago. 5 years ago my business partner Nellie Rodgers and I collaborated our two separate small businesses into one big super salon with a team of 8, 3 apprentices and 5 senior stylists. We are a diverse team, flamboyant and loud. We are passionate about our culture, our values and the growth of our industry. 

Work life balance is on top of my list and putting myself first is something I had to learn after my diagnosis in 2020. Making yourself a priority is often what many hairdressers lack as we are people pleasers. Putting your hairdressing mask on and having many identities you can lose sight of yourself. I live out of New Plymouth in a small coastal town of 400 people and love that I can come home to my heaven and drop off. I live with my amazing wife Marcia (My rock) , our fur babies, 3 dogs and 1 crazy cat. 

When I am not working I love reading inspirational books, growing my own food ( I eat a vegan diet ) I DJ, love a good DIY project, adventures in our van, spending time with family being Ning Ning (nana) to my 12 year old granddaughter ,and shopping for outfits.  My motto is to live my best life, enjoy and learn from all life’s lessons. A healthy mind makes a healthy body.

Describe the one styling tool in your tool belt, that you can’t live without?

My Scissors, all 6 pairs of them

What styling products have you found, work best for you?

Wella System Professional Luxe oil, I mix it with everything to cocktail my own product. Evo Crop Strutters the best finishing cream ever !

Everyone loved the fabulous white designer outfit that you were wearing on the awards night, tell us the story behind that?

Our team had a black and white theme going to the awards and a white power suit was my inspiration! I’m a bit of a suit collector. When I found this online I thought it’s either going to be fabulous or a piece of S**T.  It’s one of those pieces that you don’t pay much for but feel like a million dollars in it. I love fashion and have many looks that I dress depending on mood. It doesn’t matter where I find things and how much they cost, it’s how you put it together and own it !

Why do you think it is important for hairdressers to enter and take part in competitions, like the Creative Awards?

It’s a platform to showcase you as a brand that will benefit and grow your career. A time to learn and gain confidence. It keeps you updated on trends, inspires you and is an inspiration to others. It’s a creative extension from normal day to day hairdressing to unleash your interpretation of creativity. It celebrates and promotes our industry, so necessary especially for the growth of our next generation of hairdressers to keep our industry alive.

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