Kitomba launches integration with Vish Colour Management Software

Kitomba Vish

Kitomba Salon and Spa Software launched a new integration with Vish Colour Management Software in Australia and New Zealand on Tuesday 25 June, helping hair salons maximise revenue and reduce colour waste. 

Vish uses Bluetooth scales teamed with the Vish colour bar app to record formulas during the mixing process. Formulas are adjusted so there is no waste, and where additional product is needed it is charged accurately to clients, ensuring every client visit is equally profitable.

Commenting on the integration, Kitomba Salon and Spa Software General Manager Alyssa Dowsett said, “We’re so excited to bring this new integration to our customers. Together, Vish and Kitomba are helping hair salons profit more from their colour services and reduce wastage. With clients stretching out their appointments and watching their spending, it’s more important than ever to ensure salons aren’t pouring profit down the drain.”

“With colour being one of the larger expenses in the industry, our integration with Vish means our customers will have the depth of data they need to make impactful decisions.”  

The integration between Vish and Kitomba means all appointments sync between the two systems, making it simple for team members to use. 

Each stylist can see their clients for the day in the Vish app, start mixing and adjusting colour ratios on Vish’s Bluetooth scales, and send the captured colour used for that service to the front desk for a quick and easy checkout. 

Aygun Sana, Head of Sales and Operations at Vish said: “By automatically informing the front desk of costs, Vish enables salons to restructure their pricing model to generate additional revenue and ensure equal profit on every service regardless of how much product is needed in every service.”

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