Métier – Co-Working Spaces for Hair and Beauty Professionals

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Hey, there’s a new salon in town just off Karangahape Road in Howe Street. Beautifully situated in a distinguished white brick building,  that’s where you’ll find Métier Hair Salon. Inside are some of the most respected Hair Stylists and Barbers that you will find anywhere in Auckland. Guy Roberts, previous owner of Vada has now relocated there along with Brad Lepper former owner of French Revolver Studio.

Tanita Hepi is the mastermind behind Métier. Tanita started Métier because traditional co-working spaces were designed only to benefit freelancers who sit behind a computer. She wanted to give hair and beauty creatives the same opportunity and freedom that corporate workers have. The ability to build a freelance business from a collab space, with minimal hassle. Focusing on the things that truly matter. 

Tanita works hard behind the scenes and keeps the salon running smoothly. Her true passion lies within helping people become the best they can be, giving people the best opportunity to thrive off of themselves. What impressed me most while I was there, was the wonderful character of the building. It just so suited the cool vibe salon atmosphere. 

Upstairs you will find Vitoriia Gvozenko a Brow specialist who services include makeup, brow waxing/tinting and shaping. Downstairs Barbers Taise from Brazil and Shogu, well-know around town as the Japanese Barber, have built their own following. Shelly formally of Rogers Hair Design and Hala Tui from Wolf & Wolf have also found a new base here.

Co-working spaces are becoming the new norm. Why have the worry of overheads and costs of running your own salon, when you can rent a chair in a co-operative environment. It starts to make a lot of sense when you consider what we all have had to go through over the last few years. Each stylist has their own locker in which to store their tools, hair colour products and personal items. 


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Contact Tanita if your interested or visit the website: https://www.metier.nz

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