Queen of the Sheets… Introducing ghd glide!

The White Room, Swan Hotel Parnell was the venue for the launch of the latest innovation from ghd…ghd glide hot hair brush! The campaign was ably named ‘Queen of the Sheets’ as the new ghd glide is specifically designed for clients who need to quickly style their hair after rolling out of bed!

Top Kiwi stylist, Richard Kavanagh was back in town to give invited Media and guests all the insider tips on how to make every day a good hair day using ghd’s latest styling tool.

ghd had a team of local stylists standing by waiting to primp everybody’s hair and so that they could feel like a queen for the rest of the day! The hot brush simply glides through dry hair for perfect styling in just seconds!

“It’s wonderful for soft volume, beautiful sleek styling and for fringes too. Its beautiful simplicity makes it an incredible styling tool. Simply glide the brush through your hair to smooth waves and create sleekness with an airy texture. ghd glide is incredible for shaping your hair into a modern style really simply and quickly.”

The hot brush utilises ceramic technology with ioniser to heat the brush uniformly to the optimum 185°C styling temperature for healthier looking hair. The ioniser technology also restores balance back in the hair for smooth, glossy and frizz-free hair. The tool also incorporates high density shorter bristles combined with longer bristles to style large sections but also build natural movement, for a smooth, professional look.


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