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Sophia Hilton, the female entrepreneur responsible for founding ‘Not Another Salon’ brand, was in New Zealand recently as part of L’Oréal’s Pro Connect Business Acceleration Program. A face-to-face roadshow, took place in Auckland and Christchurch, where Sophia was able to speak to L’Oreal clients about all things business, marketing, and how to build their brand!

A leading global hair colour educator and keynote speaker skilled in leadership, self-development, social media and marketing, Sophia captivates her audience, with her hard hitting, straightforward, ‘cut the bullshit’ approach. In the UK Sophia has made history in the hairdressing industry by winning more colour, business and marketing awards at the Creative Head Awards than anyone before, taking her to the prestigious ‘Hall of Fame’ across two categories. 

Starting her empire with the Instagram sensation, Not Another Salon, she then went on to open 3 more companies, including the biggest selling in-person academy in the UK, a social media consultancy company and a huge on-line learning platform with over 10,0000 students across 52 countries worldwide. 

The Auckland event took place at the Park Hyatt Hotel down on Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour. To warm the audience up, Drag Artist Kita Mean got the ball rolling with a risqué revue that certainly got everyone in the fun mode! The stage set was very kitschy, and wonderfully tacky, just what the doctor ordered! Even the food on hand, reflected the overall mood of the event.

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Once Sophia hit the stage, her rapport with the audience was immediate, her unique style and approach resonated with everyone there. It was evident that her persona, is what has made her so successful! It really demonstrates that not following everyone else and setting yourself up as different from the pack, does indeed work!

Her salon ‘Not Another Salon’ made it’s mark by being the UK’s first ‘No Judgment Policy’ hair salon. “We acknowledge your Anxiety, support  your Neurodiversity and celebrate the LGBTQA+ community. No matter what your age, race, mental health, ability or beliefs. We see you!” Says Sophia.

As well as following a ‘No Judgment Policy’ the salon also adheres to a ‘More Fun – less Professional’ attitude towards clients with the emphasis on being ‘Kind’.  The salon decor is designed to be ‘Fun & Child Like’,  ‘Confidently Cheap’ and ‘Ever-changing’.

Another interesting tit bit was that the salon was the first salon in the UK to offer a silent haircut! They also offer a mirror-less service for clients, so there is no reason to dread going to the salon! “Lots of people don’t want to chitchat, and lots of people don’t want to stare at themselves in a mirror for hours – we get it!”

Salon principles adhered to are that the finished hairdo must be ‘expressive, (natural or vivid) clean, polished, expensive looking and easy to maintain. Sophia continued to delighted the audience with her Instagram & Facebook tips and treats! Her salon in London’s Brick Lane, made hair history by becoming the UK’s first Gender Neutral Salon in 2017.

You can follow her shenanigans on Instagram: @notanothersalon

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