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The Tribu-te show honours the individuality and creativity of the hairdresser. Designed to fire the imagination with a sense of pride in our craft. The show gives a select line up of hairdressers carte blancheto what they do on stage.

The only directions are on how! Each artist has just 20 minutes in the spotlight to work their magic, with a max of two models. No smoke or mirrors, to produce a presentation that is ‘all genius, no gimmicks’. For the 6th edition in London, hosted at the prestigious Novello Theatre, and audience of nearly 700 were not disappointed.

For three hours, a packed theatre was held spellbound by five of the industry’s biggest hitters.Each a hairdressing expert and keen to entertain, educate and inspire:

DESMOND MURRAY: An accomplished salon stylist, session stylist and photographer, Desmond gave us an insight into his world of media. Working the hair and the camera, his presentation was based on the concept of capturing forever ‘a moment in time that doesn’t exist’. He created six different looks on his two models from commercial to avant-garde and produced a photographic collection before the eyes of his audience. They loved his style.

ANDREW JOSE: An educator with a Sassoon heritage, Andrew is equally at home on a main stage as he is in the salon (he owns an eponymous salon in the heart of London, with a clientele including the fierce and the fashionable). For Tribu-te, Andrew and his colleague Eveline Lungdren, presented ‘Romanticism’ using texturizing techniques on two London-cool models. Calm, poised and oh-so interesting.

D&J AMBROSE: An award-winning couple who own a salon on the outskirts of London and travel extensively worldwide for education and shows, Darren and Jackie Ambrose were enthralling. Entitles ‘Pure Muse’, their presentation was a tasteful, exquisite journey to deliver hair (cut and styled) that is challenging yet always beautiful. Clothes (expertly tailored by Jackie) were a strong part of the story – undeniably fantastic.

BROOKS & BROOKS: Another pair who are wellknown award-winners (Sally is currently British Hairdresser of the Year 2018), Sally and Jamie Brooks chose to present a romantic, thoughtful show which was truly emotional to watch. The concept was to strip back a detailed hair look to become a pure, uncomplicated impression of beauty. Simplify, deconstruct then simplify again was the message. A talented, informed and visionary show.

ANGELO SEMINARA: Having learned his craft initially with the inimitable Trevor Sorbie and now an accomplished technician (with hair and colour), Angelo possesses an extraordinary imagination. He takes ideas from nature and explores texture, colour and shape like no other person. On stage he presented an intricate pattern of blue, inspired by Porcelain and transferred to the hair using a stencil, to conjure up a magical look. He was a triumph.

Produced by the UK Tribu-te team, with global publisher Mike Vincent as executive director, the London Tribu-te show is growing in acclaim. On stage, UK Publisher Nicky Pope thanked key industry sponsors who help bring the show live each year and in 2018 are: Great Lengths; Davines; and L’Oréal Professional Products.

To book early for the London Tribu-te show next year on 13 October 2019 email

Photography: David Hindley

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