Virtual Hair Experience: Hairdressers journey to the top – Monday 8 June  

Virtual Hair Experience: Top Hairdressers share their journey on Monday 8 June 2020 

Sharon Blain Education and Box Hill Institute have teamed up to produce a three-hour online hairdressing extravaganza on:

Monday 8 June from 11am to 2pm. 

Virtual Hair Experience: Journey to the Top will feature industry luminaries telling inspiring stories about their path to the top of the hairdressing field and edge-of-fashion, creative hairstyling.

Organisers are expecting Hair House Parties to crop up all over the country as everyone interested in hair fashion or passionate about hairdressing join in the fun.  

Event co-producer Sharon Blain said that the invited hairdressers jumped at the chance to encourage young hairdressers and those considering hairdressing as a career.

She said, “Hairdressing is one of the most exciting, creative careers in the world and the opportunities behind and beyond the chair are huge, these days. 

“I really want young people to understand that the hairdressing business has real, ongoing rewards. 

They can have influence on hair fashion globally, help clients feel good about themselves, educate and inspire others, get sensational session experiences around the world and achieve material success, particularly as salon owners.”

Box Hill Institute’s Executive Director Educational Delivery, Jane Trewin, is co-producing the event and said that it is time for apprentices and potential new artists to see the industry’s brilliance and endless opportunities.

She said, “The purpose of the event is to motivate young people to join or remain in the industry as it would be hard to find a more rewarding or artistic career. It’s also important for us to support industry by demonstrating how rewarding, interesting and inspirational a career it can be. 

“We want future generations to consider this career path. We want more apprentices coming into the sector and staying in the sector to become the talent of the future. That’s why Sharon and I want to support the industry through an event like this. 

“The type of recognition hairdressing will get from the calibre of talent in this event will help the industry to gain exposure which we hope will attract the next wave of artists.”  

Sharing their journey to the top will be:

Virtual Hair Experience Hairdressers

  • Mark Hayes, International Creative Director, Sassoon 
  • Tabatha Coffey, international business woman, tv celebrity, designer and educator
  • Errol Douglas MBE, One of the world’s most respected hairdressers
  • Dee Parker Attwood, 2019 Hair Expo Australian Hairdresser of the Year
  • Sharon Blain, international educator
  • Kobi Bokshish, Intershape
  • Steve Corthine, Stevie English Hair
  • Hermiz Daniel, Joey Scandizzo Salon
  • Danny Pato, 2019 Hair Expo New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year
  • Joey Scandizzo, Joey Scandizzo Salon
  • Jules and Bennie Tognini, Lil Off The Top, Tognini’s
  • Emiliano and Lisa Vitale, é Salon
  • Jayne Wild and Gary Latham, Wild Life Hair
  • Renya Xydis, editorial hairstylist, Valonz 
  • Host: Hair Expo favourite and TV celebrity, Richard Reid

The Virtual Hair Experience: Journey to the Top will replace the industry production that Sharon Blain Education and Box Hill Institute were to have staged at Hair Expo Australia, which has been cancelled due to COVID19.

“People can watch together at home over a great lunch or Houseparty with friends to share a great time finding out about the adventurous careers of those at the top,” Jane said.  “It’s a virtual hair expo on the traditional weekend of Australia’s hairdressing festival.”

Sharon said, “Danny Pato and Dee Parker Attwood, the current Hairdressers of the Year, had been preparing a showstopper showcase for the Hair Expo Gala, so we hope that in some way this gives them due recognition of their supreme titles,” Sharon Blain said.

Tickets are $20 and can be purchased online: 

Facebook: @VirtualHairExperience  

Instagram: @VirtualHairExperience

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