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Wade Blackford Kevin Murphy a

Wade Blackford Kevin Murphy Styling Director: Wade was in New Zealand recently conducting a series of Kevin Murphy Workshops through out the country.

We managed to catch up with Wade at Colleen in Karangahape Road in the middle of his Auckland visit.

1. With the workshops that you are currently doing, what styles and techniques are you focusing on?

The focus for this trip was cutting from our new collection La Lala the cuts are very much editorially inspired with intentional technical sectioning to create points of disconnection that allow for a more lived in look. We really have our own philosophy on hair cuts that create shapes to allow the hair to be style or air dryed for all hair textures.

2. What is the most important things that stylists need to be aware of today?

I think definitely keeping in mind that everyone is an individual and want to have their own personal style so when you learn something new whether its cut colour or style you should take the parts you like and make it your own rather than just recreating it word for word create your own signature that clients will want to come back again and again for.

3. How receptive are our Kiwi stylists to new ideas and techniques?

I would say extremely receptive everyone I worked with was really excited about our new ideas and philosophy around cutting hairdressers are usually open to new ideas I think you need to be as there’s limitless possibilities if you get to a point where you feel you know everything it’s time to reassess and have a change of mindset.

4. Tell us about Kevin.Murphy’s most exciting new product innovation?

As a company we are extremely innovative and always looking for the next ingredient or technology to incorporate into our products. It’s so important to us that’s why we always have something new on the horizon and we do have some new products in the works but it’s hush hush right now. One of my favourite recent ones is the BLOW.DRY Regimen which contains long chain polymers that link together when heated so effectively being heat activated to give the style more longevity whilst being super lightweight.

5. How have you found the mood of the industry at the moment, are people generally positive?

The positive vibes are definitely back and everybody is really happy to be back doing what we love without restrictions. Being able to get out and do in person education is a big part of that. It’s so good to be in a room with like minded creative people.

6. How long have you been Design.Director for Kevin Murphy and are you enjoying it?

I’ve been with KEVIN.MURPHY for about 15 years now and DESIGN.DIRECTOR  of styling for the past 6 I absolutely love it it’s a lot of work across multiple areas education, product, shoots and shows but I wouldn’t have it any other way I can truly say I’m living my dream job with a company I love.

7. You have also been involved with Melbourne fashion Week, tell us about that?

I’ve been involved in Melbourne Fashion Week for about the last 15 years starting out as an assistant backstage all the way up to hair director for quite some time now it’s a great experience and a good way to showcase some creativity and the different ways we can use KEVIN.MURPHY products to create textures and shapes we actually had a few Kiwi’s with us backstage with us this year its high paced with lots of energy and lots of hard work but to see the results makes it a very special event to be involved with. KEVIN.MURPHY just celebrated our 20th year partnering with MFW.

8. What do you do to relax and unwind?

This is an easy one I jump in my 4wd and just take off often by myself just to get away from everything and solo camp it’s all set up with solar and everything I need to get off the grid so I usually pick a campsite that’s hard to get to with no phone reception and just disappear for a while there’s nothing better than getting out into the bush and just resetting.   

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